Friday, May 8, 2009

Wedding Season!

With wedding season here, and my sister's wedding only weeks away, I couldn't help but think of my own wedding, as well as my parents. I even watched my ceremony DVD last night....I know pathetic but I just LOVE weddings! Below are pictures of my parents on their big day. Doesn't it just scream 70's! They look so happy!

My Mom's veil has this beautiful handmade lace. It is so unique and so my big sis will be wearing it . I love that she is wearing it because veil's are not made like this anymore. Trust me, I had to meet with a veil designer for mine and her and my mom were going on and on about this thing! And yes, when you get married you have a veil designer. I thought is was ridiculous too but this lady really knew what she was talking about and there are about 1,000 options when it comes to your veil.

I also am curious when did reception departure outfits fade out? She looks so happy in her little suit and corsage.

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