Friday, July 24, 2009

9 months this weekend!!!

Prom 2002 - I know, I know, what the hell was I thinking with my dress??!!! No you don't have to do a double take - I have on a two piece prom dress....ick. And my hair!! Sheesh!

Freshman Year of College @ a Winthrop party
First Week Junior Year. Got to love Myrtle Beach!
Sadie Hawkins - February 2001 (WTF is up with my hair - but I thought I looked goooood at that moment)

Wow! That was a blast from the past. I have like a hundred photos but these are REALLY old. I mean these are all before I owned a digital camera. Eight years has really flown by and I can't believe our year of marriage will be here before you know it!

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