Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dr. Oz: The Science of Beauty

I just love Dr. Oz! He is always full of information and makes things easy to understand. He was on Oprah this week to talk about Beauty which I though was very informative. I have been buying nightly wrinkle creams (and I know I am only 25) since high school. I had no idea that there are certain things to look for in each cream. Basically if it doesn't contain vitamins A, C, and E then you are WASTING your money! (Vitamin A comes in retinyl or retinoic acid or retin.) He also said that vitamin A reverses the signs of aging. He also recommends exfoliating your skin which is a no brainer but I guess some people don't do that.

Now if I only I could figure out why he feels the need to wear scrubs on Oprah? I mean is he going to jump into surgery any second??

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